welcome to nhlm

Welcome to New Heights LAN! We're here to provide a fun place for gamers in the community to come and hang out. We play all the big ones: Starcraft, League, Dota, Counter-Strike, and so much more. We host, on average, about three to four LAN events each year. We meet at New Heights Church in the evening, eat free pizza, win cool prizes, and then pack up in the morning. Hope to see you at an event soon!


Why have a LAN at a church?

There are many reasons we host our LAN parties at New Heights Church. It builds community between gamers, introduces people to a church(ish) atmosphere, the room space fits everyone, the parking is more than enough, and the internet is crazy fast. It's also where the original staff members held their first small LAN parties (4-20 people), so it's kind of tradition, and it just kept growing from there. Most importantly, we believe that God desires a relationship with all of us, including gamers. Don't worry - we won't preach at you. But if you're interested in talking to us about God or Christianity, find a staff member!

Can I bring my friends?

The short answer: Of course! Come one! Come All! Our LAN events are open to everyone. We just ask that you and your friends register a seat. We have a lot of people wanting to attend, and we want to make sure we have room for them.

What Equipment Can I Bring?

We have a "Two Power Limit". That means you can bring enough for connecting to two power outlets: typically a machine and a monitor. We ask that you don't bring speakers because of those playing around you.

What happens if I'm late to arrive?

Late arrivals are no big deal at our events. We get that people have lives, and that sometimes things prevent us from being as punctual as we'd like to be. We'll hold your seat until 11pm. After that, we make it available to our overflow guests.

games we play

From Counter-Strike to Starcraft, we play just about anything. There are some games that are more fun to play with friends though. Here's some popular titles from our last LAN to give you a general idea.

server info

Even though it's fairly simple to get set up at a LAN, here are some details we think you might want to know. Most importantly, Discord is our go-to app for talking while in game. The rest of the details are for game specific servers only.



Minecraft: coming very soon...